During UCI, Clyde Cycle Park was promoting cycling together with other community cycle groups on Glasgow Green, alongside the great BMX and Bike Trials competitions. We found out that a lot of the bike trials equipment was going to end up in landfill. Together with David Johnstone of Scottish Bike Trials, we thought all this great equipment – rocks, barrels, concrete blocks, cable drums, giant letters and logs – was too good to be thrown away, especially as much of the equipment was artistically painted.

So, we initiated ‘Operation Rescue’, working with UCI, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Life and others to have the equipment sent to Clyde Cycle Park where we could store it and give us time to plan how it could benefit different community groups. The problem was that, while the material could be sent to Clyde Cycle Park in Cambuslang, we needed specialised plant, such as teleloaders, to unload the equipment.

Into the breach stepped AB2000, a plant hire firm with a base in Cambuslang. These guys were fantastic, providing staff and plant for a week, allowing over 100 large and heavy pieces of equipment to be safely unloaded and stored at Clyde Cycle Park.

We’ll keep you posted, but many thanks to everyone who played a part in Operation Rescue!