The Spring programme of cycle coaching is now underway. Come along and join the inclusive sessions at Clyde Cycle Park. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you were last on a bike or your level of ability or what age you are. We have bikes and trikes to suit everyone. Our qualified and experienced coaches will help you get back on a bike and having fun!

For those with more experience, we offer guided rides along the off-road cycle route along the river.

Check out Eventbrite each week to see the sessions available, or come down on a Tuesday or Saturday to see what’s happening and speak to one of our coaches.

And if you’re wondering what difference the Clyde Cycle Park can make, the 1000 participants to came along to ride in 2023 found that it improved wellbeing, confidence, fitness and the skills to cycle everyday for short journeys, to work, the shops, to school or just for some fresh air.

How do we know this? People tell us. This is feedback we recently got from just one family who attended the Rock Up and Ride programme :
“Both our children could ride a bike before starting the Rock up and Ride programme. However the programme gave them greater confidence and improved their control significantly. Our youngest has been cycling to school as a result of the programme and it is setting them up for the day. They have been able to burn off some energy before entering the classroom and this has really helped them to focus more in class and they have been keener to go to school. They were struggling some days to go in.
During the sessions the staff catered for both our childrens needs and if one needed a quieter session the staff accommodated this request. They were excellent with the children.
This was a fantastic 4 weeks and we will definitely be using the track and classes in the future. This track is such a valuable and welcomed resource in the community. Thanks for having us.”
If you’re still reading to here, think about how much a bike and having a safe space to ride it has had on a young person. Could it have the same impact on you?