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Welcome to the first international-standard, closed-road cycling training and racing facility in the West of Scotland!

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The Clyde Cycle Park (CCP) is an ambitious project that is creating a high-quality combination of cycle circuits (for skills training, road-race, cyclo-cross, BMX, cycle speedway) on the River Clyde in Cambuslang to promote community, commuter and competition cycling.

Community Cycling

The Park is providing a safe, traffic-free local facility for leisure cycling for local people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to have fun and boost physical and mental wellbeing while gaining skills and confidence through tailored bike awareness programmes.

Competition Cycling

The Park is providing the first high-performance, closed-road training and racing facility in the west of Scotland with 2km of circuits to enable amateur and elite cyclists and cycle clubs to compete in track and road cycling and cyclo-cross events at local, national and international level.

Commuter Cycling

The Park will provide an active travel hub, with a ‘park and pedal’ facility to encourage commuting to workplaces in Greater Glasgow, linking directly with National Cycle Routes 74 and 75. The facility will offer free bike hire, secure storage for personal bikes, bike repair and maintenance to promote cycling and encourage a shift from car to bike.

Clyde Cycle Park: Who we are and where we are going...

The Clyde Cycle Park SCIO is a charitable trust created as a partnership between Cambuslang Community Council, East Kilbride Road Club, Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust, South Lanarkshire Council and South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture.

Our story goes back to 2014, when we – a group of local cyclists and community activists – were looking for ways to capitalise on the increasing interest in cycling, especially among young people. We were frustrated at the lack of safe outdoor facilities for skills training and coaching road-race cyclists. We came across a site on the south bank of the River Clyde in Cambuslang, which had been derelict for over 50 years and was unsuitable for residential or commercial development. The site is owned by Scottish Enterprise who were keen to help us use the site for community benefit are leasing the site to Clyde Cycle Park.

We developed a first masterplan in 2016 with a grant from South Lanarkshire Council but it wasn’t until 2020 that we managed to generate significant funding – from the Scottish Government’s Clyde Mission Fund. This enabled us to develop a first skills circuit and associated facilities which we opened in 2021 and is now being used by cycle clubs and for community coaching programmes.

Since then, we have been awarded more funding for a further 1 km of track with grants from sportscotland and the Scottish Government’s Vacant & Derelict Land Investment Programme. Construction is expected to be completed in 2022-23. We also have funding from South Lanarkshire Council’s Community & Mental Health Wellbeing Fund to run skills courses and guided rides.

Our story is still unfolding. Will you join us for the next chapters? We are looking for volunteers to help realise our vision. If you are inspired to be involved, please come and visit the Park and have a chat. You will be very welcome!

Phase 1 Skills Circuit

The first phase of the Clyde Cycle Park is now complete with the creation of 250m skills circuit, access path, small car park and compound funded by the Scottish Government’s Clyde Mission Fund, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Enterprise. The circuit is a great resource for coaching and is being used regularly for weekly club coaching and the first community courses for young people.

Our Vision and Principles

Our vision is for the West of Scotland to become a ‘cycling region’. We want to realise this goal by encouraging more people to be physically active through cycling, inspiring more people to participate in cycling as a sport and achieve excellence, and supporting more people to switch from car use to active travel.

We want to maximise the contribution of cycling to improving physical and mental health, providing opportunities for fun, outdoor activity and exercise. Our Park is providing a new place for people to meet and socialise together.

Enviromentally Sustainability
Our project is contributing to Scotland’s net zero targets by encouraging more people to cycle. Our landscaping plan maintains key features such as a reed bed, improves the ecology by introducing native species, and supports wildlife.

Civic Pride
We want to put Cambuslang on the map through a new facility with a regional, national and international reputation that generates civic pride in an area still suffering the negative effects of deindustrialisation.

Economic & Social Regeneration
We are rehabilitating a derelict brownfield site to bring it back into productive use, and which will provide local jobs, training, and new business opportunities.

We are a community-based and community-led project, developed with local people. We want to provide a friendly, safe and easily accessible facility that is welcoming for the whole community.

We want to give a wider range of people the opportunity to get into sports cycling, and achieve local, national and international success.

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